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Eufoniem Font

Eufoniem Font
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Eufoniem Font

Eufoniem is dedicated to those who support and appreciate our work, Locomotype. There is nothing more beautiful than our friendship and your smiles are always inspiring. Thanks
to my best friend, Sunardi Purwosuwito, for the unique and mysterious name.

Eufoniem comes with two varians; Eufoniem One and Eufoniem Two, so that you can mix and match your typography and design with easy and varied.

- Two varians
- Auto terminal form on several selected letters.
- Symbols, puctuation, numeral
- Multilanguage support

205 Glyphs
Eufoniem Font glyphs
Eufoniem_One - TTF
Eufoniem_OneFont ttf
Font Family:


Font Style:


, Font Unique Indentifier: Locomotype: Eufoniem One: 2017,
Font Full Name:

Eufoniem One

, Font version: Version 1.000,
Font Create By:


font Designers:

Arwan Sutanto

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