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JEFF is a sequel to my source of Burgues since 2007. It actually looks more like a prequel to Burgues. Before Louis Madarasz had impressed the southeastern United States with his disciplinary angles and feces Platt Rogers Spencer in Ohio had fixed a stile.JEFF is a sequel to my sources Burgues since 2007. It is actually more like a prequel to Bourgeois . Before Louis Madarasz scare the American southeast with his wild disciplinary angles and looks, Platt Rogers Spencer, Ohio, had defined a style of his own style that would become the basis for the method of calligraphy that has been defined and developed later by Lianel Spengler he in strange directions of planning my purpose is not the extension of something popular. My goal is to present a more complete picture as I continue to reconcile myself with my obsession with the American pen of the nineteenth century. Those who already know my work probably have an idea of ​​how obsessive it can be to present today a detailed picture of the past through our eyes. So it is not difficult to understand my need to expand the concept of Burgues to get a fuller picture of how America's calligraphy evolved in the nineteenth century. The prisoner was really all about Madarasz to exclude the genius of those who came before him. JEFF Madaraszs tries to work on a better chronological perspective to show the rounds that led to the split so to speak. And it is almost criminal to ignore Spencers who works simply because he had a much broader influence on the scope of calligraphy in general. While Madarasz's works managed to survive only through a handful of his students, Spencer worked through America for his children after his death in 1867. Spencer's sons were taught by his father and were great calligraphic themselves. They would pass the elegant Spencerian method to thousands of American Penmen and mark the signals. Although JEFF has a more standardized natural spenceriana, its expressive elegance movement and precision are no less adventurous Burgues. Almost 700 glyphs in their character set contain many variations on each letter and many ornaments to finish the start letters and some that can even serve to cook whole words with wonderfully calligraphic sweeps. Those who like to explore the characters in detail will be rewarded with OpenType. I'm so in love with technology now that it's been harder for me to let a character go and call it finished.

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Jeff-Regular otf
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, Font Unique Indentifier: 1.000;UKWN;Jeff-Regular,
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, Font version: Version 1.000;PS 001.000;hotconv 1.0.70;makeotf.lib2.5.58329,
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Lianel Spengler

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