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Vesky is a hand lettering containing over 1100 letterpress ligatures 250,487 Glyphs 125 alternate and hollowed out alternate lettering characters and style of important information figures - Vesky is a letter font containing over 1100 250 487 ligatures Glyphs 125 alternating characters oscillating and The figures liner degree alternate and antiguo.Para style ensure it is perfectly clear - Vesky is the result of the brush and ink on the paper. Textures produced in each glyph are real and imperfections are intentional and add to the sincerity of the lyrics. I say this as direct as possible to avoid confusion and to the frame representing this type of letters handwritten letter calligraphic letter digitally captured for their warmth and their poetic variation of the print and screen.Like my handwritten calligraphy brush or face in front of it Baka series and TDC2 2010 win the Fugu typography) Vesky is the fruit of my analog and digital hand-held. See the words and phrases formed by this font is to see how my hand hands make other letters. The two ease and iridad are humane honest and voluntary; In doing so, holding 'brush brings life to each letter. A numerical time a number of points and repetitive processes can not mascarar their influences - and I you that. A simple tool brushing my friend tool designed to mimic the sumi-e traditional Japanese brushes ... Pilot Japan Kanji Fude Brush . Each letter each variation was written over and over again until I found the right combination. From there, each was scanned and scanned optimized. Points were removed to clean up some Glyphs, but did not want to compromise the integrity of the actual brush stroke. Once this set of basic characters (350) are manipulated reflective glyphs gestures and the shapes have been widened to solidify the used linings with lapped alternate strips and additional features. This process has certainly been complacent to some extent. I wanted the words created with this font have the flexibility of someone changing motion and cohesion could smoothly produce these cards by hand. I hope you enjoy this font as much as I did during the six months of work on it. A sample guide and style is included with the purchase of Vesky.

The Vesky font provided on BuyAFont is designed by Randy Sniper to work on Macintosh and Windows systems. We also provide additional formats for website design (WebFonts), along with eBook and Mobile App licensing options. All of the available formats for this font are listed in the Buying Options.

Vesky - OTF
Vesky otf
Font Family:


Font Style:


, Font Unique Indentifier: Randy Sniper:Vesky:2017,
Font Full Name:

Vesky Regular

, Font version: Version 1.000,
Font Create By:

Randy Sniper

font Designers:

Randy Sniper

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94 Glyphs
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