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End User License Agreement – BuyAFont

End User License Agreement or EULA is a commercial contract legally binding the Licensed End User (hereinafter occasionally referred to as “you”) and BuyAFont (“we”) concerning your purchase of the License(s) to download Font(s) or Typeface(s) for use as per indicated in Terms & Conditions.

This license agreement is inclusive of the right for you to download Font(s) or Typeface(s) for use only but exclusive of the ownership of such Font(s) or Typeface(s). You are not authorized to modify Font(s) or Typeface(s) for commercial distributions, to transfer purchased License(s), or to install Font(s) or Typeface(s) on other devices without our prior consent and permission.

BuyAFont is solely the License distributor of Fonts or Typefaces designed and copyrighted by Font Designers.

Conditions and Terms of Use of Licensed Fonts or Typefaces

1. Pricing
Installation right and number of End Users permissible for Licensed Fonts or Typefaces are indicated explicitly at time of License purchase during the checkout process. One License can be installed on only one device. Number of Licenses must be equivalent with number of devices. Please purchase an additional License for each additional device that the Font or Typeface is installed. We do not permit the sharing of Font Licenses in a network or server. End Users may buy additional Licenses for organizational use. Please contact BuyAFont for pricing queries.

2. Refund
Licensed End Users may request refunds within 7 days from the purchase dates under circumstances that the purchased Fonts or Typefaces malfunction, are defective, or do not display correctly. We do not refund due to the Users’ purchasing of incorrect Font Types or changes of minds. In order to request refunds, you must provide receipts or any documents as evidences of your purchasing. On the same note, End Users are obliged to uninstall the refunded Fonts which have been previously installed on all devices.

3. Terms of Use

3.1 Website and broadcasting media or any digital interface
End Users are not permitted to use Licensed Fonts or Typefaces on websites, broadcasting media, films, or any digital interfaces. Webfont Licenses for the purpose of Font use in online media must be exclusively purchased. Prices of Licenses are based on the monthly traffic of websites and End Users are liable to upgrade Licenses and pay price differences if websites have the increased traffic. End Users are not allowed to distribute, share, give, or resell Font or Typefaces on websites using purchased Webfont licenses.
If End Users do not buy Webfont licenses but wish to use Font or Typefaces for text display on websites. The text display must be in forms of static images only.

3.2 Printing
BuyAFont allows End Users to use licensed Fonts or Typefaces purchased on printing media but does not permit printing companies or any third party to install Fonts or Typefaces on any devices unless received the permission from BuyAFont in written or having purchased additional Licenses. Please convert Licensed Fonts or Typefaces purchased from BuyAFont to such formats as .pdf, .jpeg, or .png before sending them to printing providers for media printing.

3.3 Software
Using purchased Fonts or Typefaces on any software, application content, or user interfaces with no written consent from BuyAFont is strictly forbidden. Please contact us for price queries or more information.

3.4 Commercial and Physical Product
Using purchased Fonts or Typefaces on printing materials of commercial products is permitted with no limit on number of products and times but BuyAFont does not allow any product manufacturers or any third party to install Fonts or Typefaces without permission unless consented in written or having purchased additional Licenses from BuyAFont. You may send Licensed Fonts or Typefaces to the third party in forms of static images or .pdf files.

3.5 E-printing (E-publication)
General Licenses of Fonts or Typefaces purchased from BuyAFont is not applicable with e-books. In the event that End Users wish to use Licensed Fonts or Typefaces with e-books in .pdf format on Kindle or other electronic devices which support e-book or read-only file reading, please purchase E-Pub Licenses of Fonts or Typefaces wanted.

3.6 Mobile Application
General Licenses of Fonts or Typefaces cannot be used with mobile applications or games. End Users are obliged to buy Mobile Application Licenses for Fonts desired for such purpose.

3.7 Backup
A backup of Fonts or Typefaces purchased from BuyAFont is permitted on solely offline devices. Any backup on online devices or networks has to limit the access to retrieve, not downloadable onto other devices without our permission. In the event that you remove Fonts without a backup but still wish to use this Font, please re-purchase the License.

3.8 Design Credit
End Users agree to acknowledge BuyAFont as the registered trademark and the rights owner when using the licensed Fonts or Typefaces purchased. Whenever and wherever credits are displayed, you shall credit us in the manner of FontName © BuyAFont ©

By purchasing, downloading, and/or installing the Font or Typeface, it indicates your acknowledgment, understanding, and consent to follow Conditions and Terms of Use stipulated under this End User License Agreement. BuyAFont reserves the right to revise the EULA without prior notice. Please contact us directly should you have any queries regarding Font Licenses, prices, and etc.

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